Thursday, May 1, 2008


Last night Melissa and I did a 12.5 mile bike ride, we rode from Lake Nokomis to Lake Harriet did a lap of Harriet and then rode back. It was a great ride, all bike trail and just had to make a couple of street crossings. So it was a nice ride. I think I have a really nice loop mapped out that will take us on the same beginning path over to Lake Calhoun, but from there it will take us to the famed Minneapolis Greenway Bike Path and back to the river parkway, we then take that down to Minnehaha Blvd. and then back to Lake Nokomis, should be about a 20 mile or so loop with lots of good places to stop for lunch or a snack. I think we are going to try to do that loop this weekend if the weather holds. So the training continues. I am also trying to plan on a day to ride my bike to work, May 14th is ride your bike to work day so I am hoping to do it then, I finally have a great route planned. I want to ride it first but I think it will be doable and fairly simple.

Tonight I am going to run after work, planning on 3.75 miles, tomorrow Friday is going to be my day off. Then I think Saturday I am going to try to do that longer bike ride and maybe a short trail run, Sunday I am thinking of a 4.5 mile run and a short bike ride I think. I am sure that will all change between now and then but currently that is the plan.

I also have my watercolor painting class tonight. I am not sure if I mentioned that or not but I am taking a 6 week watercolor class through community education at a place over in Eagan. Tonight will be my second class and I like it so far. I am the only male in the class, so I feel kind of stupid from that stand point but it is good. So far I am really enjoying it and I think it will be really fun once we get past the basics, and can do a little more on our own. It is just me and another person that are the “beginners” the other 6 people have gone through at least one other class so they just come to paint, socialize, and get some tips from the instructor. Not a bad plan.

My friend Coleen apparently bought a comfyfeast bed, and we will not hear from her any more since she will not be leaving it anytime soon. Sleep well Coleen..


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