Friday, June 1, 2007

New Life

So my last day at this job is Wednesday June 9th and then I am moving on to bigger and better things. I am very much looking forward to the change. It will be good. Better pay, a better future, and just better chance of everything being better. So there will be more on that soon.

In other news; sailing season has started and so far since the weather hasn't been the greatest we have only been able to get out and race once. And even though we came in last we had a great time and it is fun getting out on the water again. I owned a small sailboat a number of years ago and it is fun to be out sailing again. My friend Steve owns the Flying Scot and is an excellent helmsman so it is good. I am learning the subtle art of crewing very quickly so it has been a lot of fun.

I have been doing a ton of biking as well. I can finally do almost all of the trails around here without dying, having a heart attack, or puking so that is something. Biking is a lot of fun when you can actually do it.
This weekend Melissa is working so it might be another long weekend on the couch.
More later.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Save Bud Bundy

Ok, So I know I haven't posted for a while. But I haven't had any to say. So here is what has been going on lately. I have been doing a lot of biking I found a great new trail that I had never ridden before over in Burnsville which is not very far from my house. I have ridden there about 10 times or so, it is a 2.6 mile loop, not hard but not easy. So right now it is perfect for me. Took my first pretty good fall there. Took a turn a little long and my bike slipped out from under me and I fell on my left side, scrapped up my left leg and arm. Felt like an idiot but it wasn't major. The best thing about this trail is the fact that there is never anyone there. Well maybe that isn't good now that I think about it, what if I fell and laid there, no one would ever find me. I would have to chew off my own limb for dinner and possibly a toe or two for lunch.

In other news I starting sailing well I guess I should say crewing last night. My friend Steve owns a Flying Scot on a local lake and I got the nod for crew duties. We were out last night, we rigged her up and then launched. Did a little shake down sail, a couple tacks and jibes. Nice boat. I had a great time. I used to sail a bit, but it has been a very long time and nothing quite like this. I had a 12' Mini-Scow that had one sail and one line to mind. So there will be a learning curve but it will be a lot of fun. Races are every Wednesday and Sunday and I am hoping that we get out almost every Wednesday this summer. Steve is a great skipper and very patient so he is easy to work with. I think we will make a great team. I am hoping to be able to post some pictures soon.

Melissa and I are going down to the Farmers Market this weekend to hopefully pick up some flowers to plant. The weather is suppose to be perfect this weekend. I love the farmers market and am looking forward to going again.

But the most important news of the day is the fact that we all need to get behind Bud Bundy, apparently he was arrested after being found yelling at his ex-wife. And apparently Bud was carrying some bud as well. Not good Bud what would Al and Peggy think!!! Come on lets think about your family.
Stay tuned, I am going to try to be better about posting again.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend and other ramblings

Ok, So I know it has been a while since I have posted anything. My excuse, well I have none. My reason, well I guess I don't have one of those either. I haven't been up to very much. This weekend Melissa worked so I created the usual ass crater on the couch downstairs while I watched movies, ate sandwiches and thought about whether or not I should run over to Walmart and look around. Saturday I did have some fun, I went over to Midway Stadium in St. Paul and watch Hamline college play St. Olaf in baseball, 1pm start turn out to be a double header which was very cool, there was full my day gone right there. Good games Hamline lost both, but since I didn't really care who won it was a good afternoon. Sunday, I got out on my bike at Lebanon Hills park which is a local park with a mountain bike trail system. There is a beginner, intermediate and 2 advanced loops over there. I rode the beginner loop twice and then tried to ride the intermediate trail I only got about 3/4's of a mile in and had to turn back. I need to build up my stamina a bit more, so I think I am going to stick to the beginner trail for a while which is fine. After biking I stopped at Sam's Club and walked around. I love Sam's they just have so much stuff to look at. Then I went home showered, started my laundry and made lunch. My god my life is boring. I watched the Twins game and then ran a few more errands. Melissa got home and we went to Davanni's I had a coupon for a free solo pizza when you bought one. So we had those, they were good. This week the weather is suppose to be nice. So Melissa and I are going to get out on some bike rides. Should be a good week... More later.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Snowing Outside

Ok, Right now it is snowing like hell outside. It is April 11th and it is snowing. Question: Where was the snow in February, where was it in January when it mattered. Now the snow is going to be on the ground for maybe 7 hours, 8 tops. I just don't get it at all. Plus it has been colder than crap outside. So much for that global warming deal. I am just not buying that whole thing. Done venting...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

It is April Now

Well, another month is gone. The Twins open there season with a nice win last night or the team from Baltimore. I made my debut on ESPN, so that is something. Saw three nice taters last night at the game 2 from the good guys and one for the bad guys. Either way it was a great game and a fun night. It is suppose to snow today 2 - 5 inches. And up to a foot up in Lutsen, so ski season might not yet be over.... Stay Tuned.

Friday, March 30, 2007

This is not my house

I am not sure what I am doing wrong but this is not my house, apparently this is a picture of the half-ass actor John Travolta's pad...

If this were a picture of my house it would not need to be taken from the air. the street would work...


Well another weekend is upon me. This is going to be one of those boring weekends. Melissa is working this weekend and it is suppose to rain all weekend. So it is looking like a long weekend on the couch either reading or watching movies. I have 5 movies at home and I am sure they will all be watched by 8pm Sunday night. Next weekend the 2007 baseball season starts. I am really looking forward to it. Melissa and I are going to the home opener with 48 other of her co-workers so that should be a fun time. I am getting tickets tomorrow for 8 games taking us through the end of May I believe. So that is the extent of my fun for the weekend. God I am a loser. My buddy Shad emailed me today and said that him and his buddies are packing up the car and heading out to the Big Horns to sled for the weekend and then heading back on Sunday night. I really wish I had crazy friends like that, I would love to go on a major road trip for the weekend to ski or something. So I am jealous... Hopefully I will live.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Ride

Well I purchased my new bike the other day and have put about 12 miles on it so far. I ended up getting a 2006 Specailized Stumpjumper. It is a pretty nice ride. When I went to get it the person that helped me pretty much talked me into it. She was saying that since I was looking at one model that I should consider the Stumpjumper, because it has way better components on it. Which makes send to me. And it was only $10 more. So it turned out to be a no brainier. I have attached a picture of my bike. I am looking forward to taking it off road, since I have not been able to do that quite yet, all of the trails near my house are still wet. Other than that not much is new at all. Baseball season starts next week so that will be fun. Melissa and I are going to the Twins home opener which will be fun. Hopefully they will be able to win. More later.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ski season is over

So with mixed emotions I officially announce that ski season for Melissa and I is over, it is suppose to be 62 degrees for the next 3 days. I am a little bummed because we had such a crappy winter, no snow until early March, if we would have had a normal winter I would be ok with Spring being here. I am hoping that next winter is better for us. We are thinking about buying season passes for Lutsen next year. We had a lot of fun skiing up there the couple times that we were there, even they had a crappy season, not much snow up there either which is really rare. I am hoping they get slammed next year and we can get up there in December instead of February like this year. Melissa bought a pair of powder skis for next years trip to Big Sky, we are planning on getting back out there and spending an entire week in the bowls, playing in the pow. So I will be on the hunt for powder skis as well early next spring. But now I am focusing my attention on baseball and mountain biking. We bought a 20 game package of season tickets for the Twins this year and I am looking forward to another season of baseball. I am also in the market for a new bike this spring. I think I am going to upgrade my mountain bike to something a little better, I really want to ride the trails by my house at least 2 times a week. I think it will help in my quest to ski Liberty Bowl next year at Big Sky, which is a run that comes from the top of Lone Peak. From what I understand it is just a beautiful run because you have a 360 degree view of everything from up there. And on a clear day I guess you can see the Tetons in Wyoming. So I really want to be a good shape for that. But anyway bikes are really damn expensive and it looks like you really can't get anything good for much under about $750. So I am going to sell my current bike first before taking the plunge on a $1000 bicycle. Other than that I am glad it is Friday, I am ready for another weekend off. Not very much on the fun ticket for the weekend, just some relaxing and I plan on firing up the old BBQ... Stay tune for more good times.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Ok, so I won't really bore you with all of the techie details about why I haven't posted for a long time. But it had something to do with having my gmail account which is attached to blog 1 hacked. UGH! And then not getting any help whats so ever from google. From the little research I did after the hacking it looks like quite a few peoples gmail accounts were hacked and it also sounds like people aren't real happy. So, after much fighting and tried to get things reset, I said screw it and started My Life II which is what your reading now. I guess I will have to come up with a snappy secondary title, like My Life II "The beginning of the end." or My Life II "Bacon and eggs for breakfast." But that obviously is still a work in progress. If you are new to my blog please click on my profile and have a look at blog 1. I put a lot of time and effort into it and there is some good stuff out there... Since we last spoke, I have skied out west at Big Sky and Moonlight Basin, which included 4 out of 5 powder days. It was amazing!!! I have attached a picture from the start of "The Bowl" I made a mockery of powder skiing but had a blast and lots of laughs as I fell in the 12-14 inches of cold smoke, freshies, POW. It was a beautiful thing. We had a great time skiing out west and are already planning on going back to Big Sky again next year. With the late start to the ski season for us we ended up having an amazing year. More skiing stuff later. Enjoy my new blog...