Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lesson Learned

So, I have learned a fairly valuable lesson; do not do a longer run on a full stomach. Yesterday I was planning on doing my long run right after work. When I left work it was raining like hell and I did not bring my rain jacket. So I decided to hold off, go home and maybe get a shorter run in at home if the rain let up. Waited for a bit and the rain did not let up, so we decided to make so dinner. Dinner by the way was really good, grilled some chops on the back up BBQ in the garage. It is always a fun time grilling in the garage. Anyway, about 20 minutes after I got done eating and done with dishes the rain had stopped, so I decide to head out, my plan was 3.75 miles which is 3 laps around the block where we live. I made the 3.75 miles in 39:11, but let’s just say they were not very fun miles. And of course it started raining fairly hard on the last lap. Ugh, remind me not to do that again. I was bummed that I had forgotten my rain jacket because I was very motivated to run 7.5 miles after work yesterday. But I am not that hardcore to run in the rain without a rain slicker. Anyway the training continues.

Tonight, I am meeting a friend of mine; he is going to help me do some adjustments on my new bike. I have ridden my Yeti a couple times and it is great, a nice smooth buttery ride, but it needs some adjustments to the gears and to the shocks and I just do not know how to do that properly, and since he owns 8 bikes he is going to show me how to do those adjustments. I am looking forward that, he is an odd fellow but a genius with mountain bikes so it will be good.

Melissa and I booked a long weekend out of town for next week. We are really looking forward to getting away. We are headed up to Duluth. I am really hoping the weather will be good so we can get outside and check stuff out. We are staying at the new Sheraton, we have a lake view room, should be really nice. The hotel is walking distance from Canal Park so that will be really nice and we should have a great view of the harbor area.

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