Monday, August 30, 2010

Short Week

I have a nice short week of work this week. Then Melissa and I are heading out to Spearfish South Dakota for a few days of fun and the Dakota 50 mountain bike race/tour. We are looking forward to the ride. It is techincally a race but we are just going to ride it and enjoy the scenery, I love that area of South Dakota so am I looking forward to going. I think the ride will be challenging but I think it will be a great ride. The ride is Sunday the 5th and we will be out the Thursday so we have a few extra days to hang out, which will be nice. I am hoping to go out to Devils Tower in Wyoming for the day to do some hiking. I love Devils Tower it is so cool. But right now all of the extra day plans are still be worked out. I know for sure that it will be fun. So much to do before we go. The next few days will be busy.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Finally Not Last

So last night was another Thursday night race at good old Wayzata Yacht Club. The only difference was a shortened course with the move of the race into Wayzata Bay from the main lake. The wind was blowing well and the crew was ready. It was looking to be a great night. We had a great start and sailed a pretty good first leg. It is crazy when you get 100+ boats into a relatively small area, when the wind is blowing it turns out to be pretty exciting. Last night provide to be that. We rounded the turn and made our way downwind with a good spinnaker set. We sailed excellent legs for the entire race, truly making only one mistake, which sadly cost the 8th place finish in our class. It is the little victories that matter. Last night was the first time we haven’t finished last; it was a big deal to us. We truly worked as a team last night which was really fun. There are a couple people on the boat that are newer to sailing and as the summer has gone on we have been getting better and better. Last night really seemed to be a turning point. Everyone did their jobs and it was great. It is really fun when the team flows. It was fun last night. Next race is Saturday and that is going to be a fun one as well; it is a mixed club race. Wazata Yacht Club will be racing with the Minnetonka Yacht Club which could be interesting because the MYC is mostly scows, and scows are really fast. It will be fun to watch the sail. It is supposed to be windy on Saturday so it is going to be interesting.

First week of class is done and so far so good. I wrote 2 short papers already and have done a little reading. My Human A&P class starts in a few weeks. So I am looking forward to that.

We are trying to decide if we are going to go to the fair this weekend. Sunday is the only day that we can go. Melissa and I are headed out of town next weekend so Sunday will be our only option for the fair. I doubt we will go, but you never know. Melissa hates the fair and I mostly still like it so it is always a little bit of a struggle. I want to go she doesn’t really care about it. So we will see…

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So my class(es) have started once again. I am taking 2 classes this semester; they are cultural anthropology and human anatomy and physiology. My Anthropology class started on Monday and my Human A&P classes starts in a few weeks. I am a little bummed that the Anatomy class is shorten, but it sounds like it is a going to be a great class and extremely interesting.

As I am getting older I am really regretting not doing better in high school and finding my love for learning earlier in my life. In fact you have no idea how much I am regretting it. While I am truly enjoying "college" now it is certainly not the same as it would have been 20 years ago. Holy shit that was hard to say... 20 years is gone since high school. Ugh! Where did all of that time go? I am guessing I am not the only person that askes that question. In fact I know I am not but, seriously where does the time go. I think I am starting to think about growing old and the change of life that will bring. Sorry for the downer thoughts there, anyway: While I really enjoy my job I could have and should have done so much more with my life. I really should have been a physician. I would have made a great doc. I love science and the mysteries of the human body and what makes it tick, so I am really reeling from not doing all of this much sooner in life. I really am not trying to come off as, "woe is me" Believe me I am a happy person and mostly happy with my decisions, but I know that I could have been so much more in life and as I am getting older I am realizing it. And unfortunately that kind of makes me sad and wish for other things.

I am almost to that point of a decision to be made, do I just finish the 2 year degree which I am very close to, or do I transfer it all and go for the 4 year? I am leaning toward the 4 year. I have been excepted at Metro State which I know is a pretty lame school, but it seems to work well with my schedule and seems to cater more or less to the adult learner. They have lots of evening and weekend classes and a good many of them available on-line. I have done all of my credits thus far on-line through Lake Superior College in Duluth and it is working out well for me. I have enjoyed all of my classes and I like the fact that LSC is a MNSCU (Minnesota state colleges and universities) school so all of my credits will transfer to any other MNSCU school and I will not lose any, and that is a good thing. I just don’t have a lot of patience to make up credits that do not transfer.

Right now my thoughts are to transfer to Metro State and try for a biology major. I really like biology and I was looking at the curriculum for the biology major at Metro and it looks like a pretty decision set of classes.

But overall, I am happy to just be able to take some classes and have the experience of learning. One thing I will say is that I appreciate it all a lot more now than I may have back then. Part of me is glad that I waited, but I wish I would not have waited so long.

In other news Melissa and I are leaving for Spearfish South Dakota next Wednesday night for 5 nights in the Black Hills. We are riding the Dakota 50 on Sunday September 5th. The Dakota 50 is a 50 mile mountain bike race/ride through Spearfish canyon and up into the hills. I am really looking forward to it. I love that area and have spent a lot of time out there so I think it will be good. Tough but good. Lots of giant hills to ride up, but at the same time when you go up a giant hill you have to be able to come down that giant hill and I am thinking that is going to be a lot of fun. Melissa and I are hoping to just have a lot of fun. We are hoping for great weather. We are riding our single speeds so it is going to be interesting…

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Life

Melissa and I just got back from our first summer vacation. We went out to Seattle for a few days to see the city and visit friends. It was great. Seattle is a pretty cool city, not my favorite but a nice place to visit. I was shocked how expensive it was there. Everything seemed really pricey, parking, food, drinks everything. Oh well. After a few days in Seattle we headed up to Whistler for a few days of hiking, and mountain biking. In my "life to do list" I had biking at Whistler on my list. I can now cross that off my list. Holy crap riding there was amazing. It was incredible in everyway, so much fun. I love the lift served riding, so easy and so fun. The trails were amazing and a lot of fun to ride. Whistler it's self was incredible, wow what a beautiful place. Surrounded by mountains, lots of snow left in the high country and I was happy the whole time. I can't wait to maybe head back there some day. I would love to ski there someday, but I really what to ride there again...

Life is good.