Thursday, May 17, 2007

Save Bud Bundy

Ok, So I know I haven't posted for a while. But I haven't had any to say. So here is what has been going on lately. I have been doing a lot of biking I found a great new trail that I had never ridden before over in Burnsville which is not very far from my house. I have ridden there about 10 times or so, it is a 2.6 mile loop, not hard but not easy. So right now it is perfect for me. Took my first pretty good fall there. Took a turn a little long and my bike slipped out from under me and I fell on my left side, scrapped up my left leg and arm. Felt like an idiot but it wasn't major. The best thing about this trail is the fact that there is never anyone there. Well maybe that isn't good now that I think about it, what if I fell and laid there, no one would ever find me. I would have to chew off my own limb for dinner and possibly a toe or two for lunch.

In other news I starting sailing well I guess I should say crewing last night. My friend Steve owns a Flying Scot on a local lake and I got the nod for crew duties. We were out last night, we rigged her up and then launched. Did a little shake down sail, a couple tacks and jibes. Nice boat. I had a great time. I used to sail a bit, but it has been a very long time and nothing quite like this. I had a 12' Mini-Scow that had one sail and one line to mind. So there will be a learning curve but it will be a lot of fun. Races are every Wednesday and Sunday and I am hoping that we get out almost every Wednesday this summer. Steve is a great skipper and very patient so he is easy to work with. I think we will make a great team. I am hoping to be able to post some pictures soon.

Melissa and I are going down to the Farmers Market this weekend to hopefully pick up some flowers to plant. The weather is suppose to be perfect this weekend. I love the farmers market and am looking forward to going again.

But the most important news of the day is the fact that we all need to get behind Bud Bundy, apparently he was arrested after being found yelling at his ex-wife. And apparently Bud was carrying some bud as well. Not good Bud what would Al and Peggy think!!! Come on lets think about your family.
Stay tuned, I am going to try to be better about posting again.