Friday, May 23, 2008

First Painting and best trail run.

Well, I finished my first watercolor last night. I think it turned pretty good. I did it from a photo. It was a picture of spiral grass with 2 drops of dew dripping off the bottoms. The picture I have attached at least sort of shows the painting, I think it looks better in person but you get the general idea. I was happy with the way that it turned out and I learned a lot from it. I started my second painting last night at class and so far it is going well too. It is of a trail cairn, which is a fancy name for a pile of stones. I love rocks and Melissa and I have a number of rock piles scattered all over the place. They are very zen like.
Before my class last night I went on what ended up being my best trail run to date. I planned on going 4 miles and racing against the virtual partner again. I set the pace back to 11 minute miles for the racing partner for 4 miles and ended up running 4.37 miles in 45:51 for an average of 10:30 minute miles. I ran the hard way at the horse trail, which makes you go up instead of down the 2 biggest hills so I was VERY happy with my run and my time. I feel better every time I run that trail over there and feel I am getting stronger. This Sunday for my long run I am switching things up, I am going to go over to Terrace Oaks park and run on the hiking trail which is a 3 mile loop. I am planning on at least 4 loops for a total of 12 miles and change, but depending on how everything goes I might bump it up to 5 laps and run my own 25k. Granted Terrace Oaks isn't going as hilly as Afton will be, but it will be a great test. So that is currently my plan. But I am planning on doing at least 10 miles for sure in some form.
Should be a fun weekend, lots of biking and relaxing ahead.
More later.

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