Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy Weekend

Another weekend is gone. It turned out to be a great weekend. Got lots of training in and Melissa and I had some fun and worked around the house as well.

Friday night after work I did my long run; I had to push it back because it rained last Tuesday night when I was going to do it, so I did it Friday instead. Turned out to be a great run, I ended up going 9.76 miles we will just call it 10 for argument sake, which is 4 laps around Lake Nokomis, I took me 1:53:21 which I was really happy with. I felt good during the entire run so it gave me confidence for my 25k. Crap maybe I will be able to do it. My pace was 11:35 miles and that is right where I want to be for my 25k. That will put me toward the end but I will not be last which my goal is. I am enjoying running, my god I never thought I would say that. It is pretty fun, I really enjoy running off road on the trails so I really think I am going to enjoy the trail run. After the run Melissa and I grabbed some dinner and then went home and hung out and relaxed. It was a fun night.

Saturday was our work around the house day. It rained outside for most of the day so it was a perfect day to do chores around the house. We ended up running some errands right away in the morning and then our project was to clean out the garage and put up some shelves. It took us about 3 hours to do the garage project but it turned out great and it really looks nice in there. I was glad that we got it out of the way on a crappy weather day, made it a lot easier to be doing that and not wanting to be outside playing.

Sunday turned out to be a perfect day weather wise. It was sunny with a little cool breeze, nice and warm in sun. Melissa and I had planned on meeting some friends and doing a nice long road bike ride. Which we ended up doing, it ended up being four of us on the ride and it was a good one. We all met at the Lake Harriet band shell and rode from Harriet, to Lake Calhoun, down the Minneapolis Greenway to the River Boulevard, then back to the Minnehaha Creek trail, and finally following that back to Lake Harriet, it was a great loop, all bike trail and turned out to be 18.33 miles. I know some of you hard core riders will say after 18 miles you are just starting to warm up, but it was a great ride for us and we had a lot of fun. It was Melissa, her friend Angela and my friend Bill and I. Our other friends Berry and Gus could not make it. Maybe next time we will get the whole crew together and ride that loop, it is really a fun ride. After the ride Melissa and I stopped and had a quick lunch and then went grocery shopping. We got home from grocery and I decided to go for a trail run, so I ended up going over to Lebanon Hills and running my loop on the horse trail. It turned out to be a great run. I went 5.76 miles which went by fairly quick. I felt good during the entire run so everything is currently looking up for the race.

This is going to be a really busy week; I am not sure unfortunately how much training I am going to be able to do for the first few days. Tonight Melissa and I are going to the Twins game, pretty much right after work, it is an early game because it is on ESPN. Tuesday night I have some plans, I might be able to get a short run in, Wednesday we have another Twins games, Thursday I have my painting class and then Friday we are headed out of town for the weekend. Which we are both looking forward to. Maybe it might be OK to rest a little this week. I plan on scattering some short runs in this week whenever I can, but I don't think I am going to get much biking in.

My tally for last week: 19.3 miles running and 30.5 miles biking.

I am toying with idea of a short course triathlon in September. Yikes, more information on that later.

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