Friday, May 16, 2008


This has been a very lazy week for me training wise. Well maybe I should not say lazy, I have had a bunch of stuff going on and just really haven't felt like making the time before them to run or bike. So yeah I guess it is lazy. I have managed to run about 7 miles so far this week and I am going to try to do a long run of 10 miles one day this weekend, so running wise the week will not be a total scratch. The thing that will be really sad is I will probably not log one lousy mile on my bike this week. UGH. Oh well, I guess I am looking at this week as my recovery week. My body was pretty tired after last week and I think taking it a little easier was a pretty good idea. At least I don't think it will end up hurting anything. As far as training goes this weekend I think my run will be my last long run on pavement. I think then I will be switching to running almost entirely on off road trail. I need to log more miles on off road, to prepare for the old race. I have a 5k coming up in a couple weeks that I am looking forward to. Hopefully I will have a few more 7-10 mile runs in before then so that 3 miler will seem like nothing. Next week I am planning on hitting the training a little harder, I have some bike rides planned and I am going to up my miles again and stay completely off road for running.

Melissa and I are out of town this weekend, we are heading up to Duluth for a long weekend. We both are really looking forward to getting away, relaxing and just being together. We really don't have much planned so that will be good. I like just seeing what comes along. I am hoping that I get a chance to paint while I am up there. I really want to try to do some watercolor stuff. So I hope the weather holds for that.

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