Monday, April 27, 2009


So I am sorry I have been away for a while. Not much is going on really. I have been out riding a few times. Nothing really exciting there at all. Rode over at Lebanon Hills twice. Once with my friend Jodi and a couple other people and once by myself. They were both fine rides, but I am just not in the spirit of riding at all this year, so it really wasn't a very exciting ride. Hopefully that will pass and I will get more in the mood but as of right now I have no desire. I have more desire to go and ride my skateboard which is a little scary but at least it is fun to me. I have been out skating a lot, both around my house and at the local skate parks. It is slowly coming back to me so it is getting fun again. Sure there are going to be a ton of tricks that I could do in my teens that I can't do now but I guess that is to be expected. It is still fun to get out there and give it a go again.

In other news, Melissa and I are going to Las Vegas, I am really excited. We are going for Memorial Day weekend. We are going for 4 nights and are staying at Mandalay Bay. I can't wait to get out there. It has been a long time since I was in Vegas and it is going to be great. We have a few things planned, In N Out burger daily, swimming in the awesome pool that Mandalay has and relaxing. We are also going to go to a Vegas 51's baseball game. We have great flights both there and back so it will rule. YEAH!!!

The Twins are playing pretty good baseball so far this season. I have been to a few games and they have all been really fun. I have been to 3 games they won 2 and lost 1. But both games I have seen them won have been awesome. Come from behind wins late in the game. Those are always the best. People leave early and miss the best baseball. I always laugh to myself.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Winners

So last night at the Twins game Melissa and I were sitting in our seats and I was getting my scorecard ready just like I do at every game and a guy in a Metrodome outfit came up to us and said "Do you guys like these seats?" We said, "Yes they were our season ticket seats." He said, "would you like to move to seats behind home plate?" We both said, "yes." and he said, "congratulations, that we were the Majestic Fans of the game." It was pretty cool, besides the upgraded seats, we both got a Twins t-shirt and they showed us on the score board. We went from our seats in 227 row 9 which is just to the third base side of home plate in the upper deck to section 125 row 29 which was right behind home plate on the lower deck. It was pretty cool. I love our seats a lot but it was fun to sit behind the dish. The best thing about sitting down there was you could really hear the crack of the bat. You can of course hear it where we sit, but it sounds so much better from down there. So that was really cool. The game was good, the Twins lost but there were some great plays and lots of hits so it was a fun game to score. It was fun to sit in those seats, I would never pay that kind of dough but it was fun. I am a firm believer that the real fans sit up in the upper decks on the 1st or 3rd base lines because you can see the play develop better up there. But that is just my opinion. My next game is this coming Friday. Should be a fun one as well.

In other news I got my skateboard out a few times this past weekend. It was fun to ride it again. I was happy to see that I could still ride it, the trick part will hopefully come back since I don't quite have my balance back, but at least I can still ride. I am planning on getting out maybe tonight for a bit after work. I have to get a part for my board and am thinking about do that right after work.

Melissa and I are trying to plan a Memorial Day weekend get away. We are thinking of heading to Las Vegas, but I am not sure. I love Vegas so we will see what happens. The idea of 3 days of In-N-Out Burger might be to much to pass up.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Baseball is here...

Happy Baseball Opener. Tis a great day indeed. Another baseball season is here. I am looking forward to the season this year. Melissa and I once again have our 20 game season ticket package for the Twins and it looks like they might be a pretty ok team again. I am a little worried about the pitching staff but other then that it should be a fun year. Tonight is the opener for them, our first game is tomorrow. Should be a fun night.

In other news, this is my least favorite time of year. I call it mud season. The ground is wet, snow is melting, lots of rain, lots of mud. In fact we had some snow this past weekend so we had to start the melting process all over again. I would say we saw about an inch and half of very heavy wet snow at our house. The flakes were huge and it was fun to watch it snow, but at the same time it was very bittersweet, thinking to myself this would probably be the last snow for the season around my house. (sigh)

Also this is the time that I watch the resorts out west start to close down for the year. March proved to be an epic month for the resorts I pay attention to, 12-14 feet of snow at almost all of the ones that I care about. Looks like it was another excellent year snow wise for my favorite places. The first one to close for the year ended it season yesterday, Jackson Hole closed after received a little over 11' of snow in March and closed being 100% open, hmmm I wonder how that sits with the hard cores at JH...

I still have no interest in riding my bikes. Melissa is really looking forward to getting on her new road bike and it looks like it is going to be really nice by the end of the week, so it looks like there might be a ride in my future. To be honest at this time I could care a less...