Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The training continues: Long Run

I did a long run last night, further prep for my 25k which is now 66 days from today. I ran 7.5 miles around Lake Nokomis, did 3 laps, it took me 1:23:19, I only stopped once and that was for about 10 seconds to pet a really cute West Highland Terrier named Scooter, he was a good boy and looked like he needed a pat. Anyway the run went well. I felt good during the entire run so that gave me a bit of confidenece for my big race, knowing that I have 66 days and didn't have to much trouble running 7 miles. I know 15 miles is a lot more but I know that I can do it. Tonight Melissa and I are meeting friends for a bike ride, should be fun, planning on a 15 mile ride. We are going to ride the parkway from lake Nokomis to Lake Harriet do a lap around Harriet and then back to Nokomis. Should be a fun ride. The weather is going to be a little better today so it should be a great night for a ride.

I also just heard that Lebanon Hills mountain bike trail is going to open today so that is good news, I will give it a couple extra days to firm up. I am guessing it is still pretty damp. But I will for sure try to get a ride or 2 in this weekend...

More later.

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