Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekend Stuff and more stuff that doesn't matter

So it was another great weekend. Saturday we didn't do much at all. It was pretty much gray out all day and not much was going on, which was fine it was nice to just relax. Sunday Melissa ran a 5k in the morning over at Lake Harriet. It started out pretty gray but it was great weather to run in. She did really good, ran it in 32 minutes. I was proud of her, she cut 2 minutes off her last race, she is really doing well. After the race we headed home and I went and did a 3 mile trail run over at Lebanon Hills Park. Holy crap was that hard. I thought I was going to die a couple times, I had to walk up some of the bigger hills but after the run I felt really good. I am really looking forward to my 25k trail race. I found out that I did officially get in, so there is no turning back now. It is 74 days away and I think I can get there so I will be able to at least finish without dying.

I ended up running 5 miles last night. I felt great after which was a total shock. So I guess training is going pretty good so far. I am going to do 2.5 miles tonight I think and then I am going to bike Wednesday, it is suppose to be nice out and I am ready to get on my bike.

Melissa and I signed up for another 5k in June, should be fun, it is with a running group from her hospital so we are trying to get a group of at least 20 people signed up that way we will get our own tent to hang out in. That would be very cool.

Other then that not much new to report. The weather is finally starting to get nice outside. Which I guess now that it is here I am glad. I am looking forward to getting on my bike and riding. The off road trails are really slow to open this year, so I have been a little road riding but not much, hoping to get more in soon.

We made home made pizzas last night, they turned out really good. We found this whole wheat pizza crust at the co-op and used that. There is nothing better then pizza. I swear I could eat it everyday.

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