Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dirt Season is ON!

So last night officially began the dirt riding season. I meet my friend Dan at the trail at Salem Park. It was the first dirt ride of the year and the first ride on my Yeti. The ride was good; we went 2 laps for a total of 9.3 miles. I thought that was a perfect first ride, I could have gone around again but I guess twice as good. It is raining out again so trail riding is once again on hold.

I really enjoyed riding my new bike, I have never ridden a full suspension mountain bike before so that was a different kind of experience but it was cool. The bike handled great and I think I have it set up pretty good. I am going to try to get a friend of mine that also is a Yeti owner to have a look at it and make sure that I do have everything tuned correctly. All of the fancy shocks and cables and crap make me kind of nervous. Check out my new bike here:

After the ride I did find 4 ticks on my socks. That really grossed me out; ticks are the one bug that I can’t stand. So ever since the tick findings I have felt creepy crawly and keep thinking I have them all over, which is not a good feeling.

I start my watercolor class tonight which I am really looking forward to, I think it will be fun and it is something that I have always wanted to try so it should be interesting. I have all of my stuff packed in a bag and ready to go. I hope the class is good and fun. I think it will be.

Other than that not much going on again. I am taking the day off from running and biking so I will be running I think 5 miles tomorrow after work. UGH!

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