Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So my trip out west was amazing, the mountain was beautiful and the skiing was great. We skied a lot! 5 days in a row. We got some freshies Sunday night which softened everything up since right before we had gotten there the mountain had gone threw a thaw/freeze cycle that caused most of the southern facing slopes to turn into cement. I was a little disappointed that I was not going to be able to ski everything, but Melissa and I found some great lines and lots of powder. I haven't done much tree skiing until Whitefish, we found some amazing snow in the trees and skied in them a lot. We did quite a few runs in the controlled "backcountry" of Hellroaring Basin, it was really cool in there and I felt like an extreme skier, you had to enter the basin through gates. The lines were steep and full of powder, we found areas that were in the 12" - 20" range and didn't really see anyone else while we were in this area. In fact there was hardly anyone there period. That is what I love about skiing in Montana, the lack of people. It was great. I love the mountains and it is my dream to someday live amongst them. I love Minnesota but I think I and getting to the point where I need a change of scenery. Maybe someday. Coming back was actually very hard for me this time, usually by the end of a vacation I am ready to get home, this time I really didn't want to leave at all. But now that I am back it is ok, it was nice to see my friends here at work and tell them all about my awesome trip. Even though I don't think any of them really care, to be perfectly honest. I am thinking about checking out being a ski patrol person at Welch Village next season, they are having a meeting and the ski test this coming Saturday, I have no idea what is involved in the ski test, but since I don't do well at tests I will probably bomb it and will not get the nod to continue. Sounds like the training is fairly intense, I am not even sure if I can pull it off... More and that later. Cheers for now.

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