Friday, March 21, 2008

It is now Spring, I guess

Well I guess it is now spring. I look outside and it is snowing like hell. Another Minnesota March snowfall is here. We get a lot of snow in March, it is crappy snow, wet and heavy and it will be gone by tomorrow, but it is snow. The flakes are huge and it is coming down very steadily. To be honest I really wish I was at home today, I have the desire to build a snowman. I haven't done that for so long and today's snowfall is perfect snowman snow. It is also just kind of a lazy day, I would much rather be laying on the couch looking out the window watching it snow. Seems like way more fun then hanging out here all day doing stupid IT crappola. Now that "spring" is here I guess it is time to put all of the winter clothes away and get out the spring stuff. Easter is Sunday and once again Melissa and I have no where to go, so we are going to once again celebrate another holiday alone. I keep telling her that it is getting closer and closer to time that we move on and go some place else to live. We were talking the other day and I have decided that I am going through a mid-life crisis, I am not going to buy a Porsche or find some young bimbo, I want to pack up my beautiful wife, our bikes, skis, clothes and some furniture and move to someplace where we can be outside people. A place where there isn't traffic or a lot of noise, people aren't in a hurry except to get outside to do stuff. I just don't know where that place is yet. Any thoughts? There is nothing holding us in Minnesota, I don't have a family and Melissa's family for the most part sucks so it isn't like we are leaving much. I just don't know what to do. I love Minnesota, there are so many great things about living here. See now you can see my dilemma. Any way another day closer to retirement is here.

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