Monday, March 17, 2008

Post Ski Season

Well what will most likely be the last weekend of skiing for this season is in the books. Melissa and I had a great time skiing at Lutsen. The conditions were pretty good, lots of icy spots around but we were able to find some good snow in there as well. We skied all of our favorite runs. It was really busy up there this weekend, due to spring break and also there was a big ski race going on. But we managed to find some good lines and had a great time. We also brought up our video camera and took some footage of us skiing, that was pretty fun, I have never really seen what I look like skiing so it was fun to watch that, certainly not Bode Miller, but I can hold my own. I am going to edit it on my computer and try to add some music to it; that is going to be this week’s project. Should be fun to see what I come up with.

This season’s ski stats:

22 Ski Days
275,350 Total Vertical Feet.

Not too bad for a Minnesota kid.

Now we have a month off to relax and regroup, then I guess biking season will start up. I guess I am looking forward to getting back on my bikes. I enjoyed the exercise and cruising through woods on my bike so it all works out.

Not too much else going on, it is snowing out this morning. We are suppose to get about 5” of snow by tomorrow, so that will be nice. It has been a good winter. We had some snow and it was mostly cold so it seemed more like a real Minnesota winter then it has the past few years, I just wish we could more snow. Well maybe next year.

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