Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 days

Ok, so I now leave for my beloved Montana in 2 days and some odd hours. I am so excited, that I am all packed. In fact I was all packed 2 days ago. All of my clothes, stuff I am bringing, my skis, boots and poles, and all of my winter wear are packed and waiting to be loaded on to the train. Everything has gone so smoothly. I am really good at preparing for vacation and this trip was no different, I think that is why I have such a good feeling about having everything ready to go. Even though Melissa and I have been gone a lot this winter this is really going to be a fun trip. We are skiing 5 days in some of the best conditions the 2 resorts we are skiing have seen in many years. 348" of snow really makes me smile. And that is what Whitefish has gotten season to date. I can't even tell you how much I wish they get more while we are there. Even just a few inches a day, I don't need to be greedy, I probably couldn't ski in 20 inches of snow anyway, but maybe 3-6 everyday would be awesome. We have our rides to and from the station lined up and that was kind of the last thing we need to worry about. We don't have a lot of stuff we are bringing it is just kind of on the larger size. Ski bag, boot bag, and our North Face Expedition pack, which will carry all of our clothes for the week. We also have 2 backpacks as carry on's. That is the nice thing about the train, you are allowed more stuff. So you don't feel like you have to worry quite as much. But I think we tried to pack smart, I weighed everything and I know that we are good weight wise. So it should be good.

We had a fun weekend. Melissa ran a 5k on Saturday at Lake Harriet with a friend of hers. She did great they finish in 37 minutes which is far better than I would have considering I would have had the big one about half way around. We then went home and relaxed. Sunday we went skiing at Welch, I bought Melissa a private snowboard lesson which she took. I think she liked it and it seemed to help her. I thought she was doing a lot better on her snowboard but the end of the day. So I think I did a good thing signing her up.

Hopefully this week will go fast and we can get outta here...

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