Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rainy and crappy

With my help the puppy in this picture could be a champion.


So last night my trail run went really good. I had tickets for the Twins game last night so I had to do a really quick 5 mile run after work. Once again me and my virtual training partner did a run at Lebanon Hills, ran 5.33 miles and just a shade over 57 minutes. I was very happy with that time. If I can keep that up it will put me in the middle of the finishing pack for my 25K race coming in July, which is now 30 days away. I felt great after the run so training I think is going good. I am hoping to get a 10 - 12 mile run in this weekend.

The Twins game turned out be a really good game. It was looking a little grim when Perkins gave up back to back taters in the first, but they boys came around and ended up winning it 7-5.

Tonight I was suppose to do a group ride at Murphy, which is a really fun single track trail but it looks like it is going to get cancelled due to the weather so there is a bridge building night instead so I think I am going to go and do that. The group that I do trail work with on Tuesday is getting together to build some bridges for the new trail at Lebanon so that will be fun I think.

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