Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Horse in the stable.

Well I am back on the running track. I took last week off from running. I wasn’t in the mood to run, which I know is bad especially with my race coming up and also I wasn't feeling that great for most of the week. So instead of running I did ride my bike a lot, hard and often. I rode about 50 miles last week, all off road. I know you hard cores don’t think that is a lot of miles but the trails I ride aren’t the easiest things in the world, so it is a good workout for me and they are a ton of fun. Anyway yesterday before trail work I went out and got in 6 miles of trail running at the Lebanon Hills horse trail. It was a great run. I felt good and did pretty well even with the break last week. It felt good to get back into it and I am planning on hitting it fairly hard the next 2 weeks. 2 very nice long runs hopefully will be included in there…

In other news Melissa has come to the dark side, she bought a single speed mountain bike. She got an On One Inbred. It is a sweet bike. I am kind of jealous. After she got it we went for a ride over at Lebanon Hills and she did great. She rode my Surly 1x1 over there a few weeks ago and really liked it, then after riding the Surly again at Murphy I think she was hooked and decided that she wanted a single speed of her own. We found the Inbred really cheap so we picked it up. The best part is she is riding it so far fully rigid. Old school! I am not sure if she will want to go to a suspension fork or not but right now she gets to feel all of the bumps…

I kind of have a dilemma for tonight; I am not sure what I want to do. Go ride a couple laps at Lebanon, Go ride at Murphy, or go for a road ride. I will be riding alone so I am not sure what to do. I am guessing there would be more people riding at Lebanon tonight and I might be able to find someone to tag along with but, riding alone might be cool as well. I don’t think I have had many solo rides this year. Murphy might be good. 11 miles of single track… hmmmm decisions decisions. I will probably end up on the couch with a movie and frozen pizza.

This Saturday Melissa and I are playing in the 2nd Annual Surly Disc Golf Tournament. I can’t wait. It should be a lot of fun. The entrance fee includes a golf disc, lunch and prizes…I wanted to play in it last year but I found out about it to late and it was full. I signed us up right away this year. So I am really looking forward to it. Melissa is a lot of fun to play disc golf with, once and a while she holds on to the disc a little to long and it ends up going backwards. But we have fun and that is all that matters.

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