Monday, June 23, 2008

Another fun weekend.

So it was an amazing weekend. Melissa and I had so much fun. Saturday we played in the 2nd Annual Surly Disc Golf Open. The weather was perfect and the event was really fun. The course was at Hyland Hills, which is a small ski hill in Bloomington, it made for a challenging course. For the entry fee we got lunch, a golf disc, and free Surly’s out on the course, and prizes afterward which we didn’t win anything, I was bummed about that. We played pretty well. But it was just for fun, so scores didn’t matter or anything. It lasted all day long; we got there at 11am and got home around 730 or so. We were both just beat afterward. So we threw in a frozen pizza and watched a movie.

Sunday turned out to be another outstanding day. I scheduled a group mountain bike ride down at Murphy Trail. My turn out was really good, lots of people showed up to ride and BBQ. Again the weather was perfect. About half of the people did the short loop for the first lap, so we could get back and fire up the grills. Melissa, Dan, Shelly, Berry and I all head backed and made lunch. We made a lot of food for just the few of us, but the burgers, brats and dogs all turned out pretty good. After we were just about done eating the rest of the group got back so we fired up the grills again and made lunch round 2. We all sat around and chatted and had some laughs. Right in the middle of lunch round 2 there was about a 10 minute down pour that turned out to be pretty fun. People either went and sat in their cars or threw on the rain gear and continued eat and grilling. After the rain stopped and the sun came back out, a few people had to leave but there were 5 of us left that went for lap 2. It was a great afternoon in the sun at Murphy.

After riding Melissa and I went home and made pizzas on the grill on flat bread. Man they turned out really good. They were just simple pizzas, sauce, cheese, green pepper and onion. But cooking them on the grill was the secret; the “crust” got so crispy it was really awesome. I really should start taking more picture of stuff like that.

Hopefully this week will go fast, I like having days off instead of working.

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