Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Gone, Summer Gone

Well another Labor Day weekend is on the books. We had another great weekend up in Lutsen. We went up Friday afternoon and got home yesterday. While we were up there the weather was absolutely perfect. Saturday there was not a cloud in the sky, there was no wind, it was nice and cool and Lake Superior was like glass all day long. It was awesome. I tried fly fishing once again in the Poplar River and once again I had no luck. I think I tried everything. I am starting to think there are no fish in that river even though the locals say there are. On a side note my casting is really getting good. (read that is because I wasn't catching I was casting all weekend) What else did we do, hmmm well nothing, and it was heavenly. We sat down by the lake and read, we sat on the foot bridge over the river and read. We sat on our deck of our hotel room and enjoyed the view. It was a very relaxing weekend. Monday on the way back home we stopped in Duluth to see if any ships were coming in or leaving. I love to watch the ships up in Duluth it is really fun. We got lucky and saw one ship, the Paul R Tregurtha. It was fun to watch. After the ship we went to the Duluth Pack store and browsed around. I want a Duluth Pack backpack really bad, but here is the deal, I love backpacks and I think I have a million of them, so I really don't need another. But maybe some day.

Now it is back to work and that sucks. The Republican National Convention is in town and it is really hard to get around, down by where I work in St Paul. There are really a lot of streets closed. I will be glad when this thing is over. I got nothing else to report.

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