Friday, September 19, 2008


Last night was a great night. Met some friends over at Lebanon Hills for a ride. Ended up riding 17.25 miles total at Lebanon. It was really fun. A small group of us met early so we could get a day lap in before turning on the lights for a night lap. After the day lap I sat in the lot on my old school style folding chair and had a sandwich, chips and a soda before gearing up for the night ride. The night ride turned out to be really fun. There was the fast group or the Varsity and then our group which is the slower group or the Junior Varsity. We buzzed around and had a great time. The highlight of the night was the 2 riders ahead of me slamming on their brakes and aiming their lights at a huge skunk that was crossing the trail. I have never seen a skunk before so it was cool to see one. Luckily no one was sprayed but he was stinky...

I am hoping for a nice quiet weekend. Melissa has a big race on Sunday so both her and I are looking forward to that. We have nothing planned. Sounds like the weather is going to be perfect so hopefully we can spend some time outside.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the ride, damn flu.