Monday, September 22, 2008

Girls of Iron

What a great weekend. Melissa ran and finished her Iron Girl dualathalon on Sunday. It was great. The event consisted of a 2 mile run, then a 22 mile bike ride and again a 2 mile run. She did excellent and finished in just a little over 2:13:11. I was very proud of her. She did really good. It was a fun event to watch from the sidelines. The winner of the event finished in 1:20:23. Some of those girls are hard core and really get into it. I am glad Melissa is just running the race for enjoyment and to do well for herself. Looked like a few of the racers were a little to into it and competitive.

Last night we went to the Twins game and saw them beat the hated White Sox handily. It was a fun game, there was a huge crowd and they played well. I am also going to the game against the White Sox on Thursday night.

Not to much going on. I am starting to wish for winter. I am getting to the point where I am done with summer. Biking was kind of blah this year and I had a hard time getting into it. Started out pretty fun and then just kind of died off. So I guess I am ready to hang up the bikes and get the skis out. I am hoping for a lot of snow this year.

I am also reading the Lord of the Rings. I just finished the first one Fellowship of the Ring yesterday and started The Two Towers last night. I love the movies and I enjoy the books so they are fun to be reading again. Melissa and I have also starting watching the first season of that show Grey's Anatomy. It is pretty good, except I don't like how the "doctors" talk about the nurses on that show. Kind of makes me mad. I love my nurse so, come on doctors show your nurses a little love.

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Nuttin' like a hot nurse!