Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So Melissa and I were up in Lutsen for the weekend and are headed back up this weekend. We had a great time up there. The weather was perfect and we relaxed. We stayed in the lodge which we have never done and I haven’t done for about 25 years. It was nice. We had a great room. We had all of the windows open so all night long we were listening to the waves crashing on the lake. It was great! I did a little fly fishing in the Cascade River. I didn’t catch anything but it was fun trying. I spoke with another fly fisherman when he was on his way out of the stream and he said that he had caught a couple small trout. So at least I know there are indeed fish in there. I just need to work on my skills. Like I said we are heading back up this weekend and I am going to give it another try so maybe this weekend will be the one.

I did a group mountain bike ride last night at Terrace Oaks in Burnsville. It was a fun ride. I did 3 laps and didn’t bring lights so I was out for the night laps. Which it sounds like the group did 2 of those. I am hoping to get out night riding soon.

Melissa is in the middle of her training for her Iron Girl dualathlon. I think she is going to do great, she is working hard. It is 2 sports instead of 3 like a triathlon. She is running, biking and then running again. I am looking forward to watching her. Her race is September 21st. I will report more on that after the race.

Also Melissa is becoming quite the Cribbage player. We have been playing a lot lately which I love. I love to play Cribbage. My dad taught me how to play and he was a really good player. He and my mom would play for hours and hours while on vacation or just relaxing at night. I loved to play with him I learned a lot of good tricks. I also played a lot with my mom; it was always a great time. She would call me to come over and play. I would get there and there would be a cold soda waiting for me and a pizza in the oven. So we would play for a few hours and share a pizza and have some laughs. I miss doing that a lot. So it is really nice to have a Melissa to play with. I taught her how to play a year or so ago. She is now really getting the game and getting really good. It is fun.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta get out there early in the AM or late in the day to catch trout this time of year. Hoppers are workin' right now.
I haven't been out this year but I usually fly fish for trout over in Wisconsin on the Kinnikinick or the Rush.