Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So after about 2 months of dedicating every Tuesday night to MORC we finally finished and opened the new section of trail that we have been building this season. Last night at trail work we cut the opening and the exit to the new trail. Melissa and I worked on the exit while the others finished the berm leading into the new section and still others walked the length of the trail and fixed little problems. It was a fun night. After trail work was done we all celebrated with Root Beer Floats out in the woods, which was a nice treat. I am really looking forward to riding it which I think I am going to do tonight. I put some new tires on one of my bikes and I gotta get out and give them a try. Yeah!

In other news: Melissa and I are all ready for our trip. We got all of the gear out and tested to make sure nothing was broken or not working. We added a few small things made reservations in a few places just to be sure and made plans for a couple other special things. One of them being a guided fly fishing trip for me. I am so excited I can’t even tell you. 6 hours, me, my guide and miles and miles of trout stream in the Rockies. I can’t wait. I have done a little fly fishing and have even caught some fish, mostly sunnies and small bass, but I have never done a guided trip or have I ever fished for trout. I am hoping it is really fun. I am hoping to have some pictures of me with fish I caught posted soon. Our itinerary is: leave home drive to Lincoln Nebraska 1 night, then on to Boulder Colorado for 2 nights and then up to Estes Park for 4 nights. We are going to spend our up there, hiking, relaxing and fly fishing. Then back to Denver for a night and then home. Part of me hopes that we just decide to stay out there and not come back. I am guessing I would be fine with living amongst the mountains.

I am hoping to have a little more exciting things to put on the old blog soon. I have nothing, so sad.

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