Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So not much new to report. I have taken a couple weeks off from running which has been pretty nice. Tonight I am back into the fray of running though. I signed up to do the Running Rooms 20 minute challenge mostly for the free running hat, but also as a nice easy way to get back into the running thing. I am hoping the rain holds off until the event is over. I have been watching the radar and there are storms popping up all over the Twin Cities area. I haven’t even ridden my bike very much the last few days, I am being ├╝ber lazy. Which I guess is ok, well sort of ok. I do miss running a little bit. Last night was trail work night, it was hot and the bugs were terrible, it was not a fun night in the woods. But we got a lot done and are getting closer to opening the new section of trail at Lebanon Hills so that is very exciting. Other then that I got nothing it is quiet.

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