Thursday, July 10, 2008

All Done

Ok, so I have been away for a bit. I had to travel for work the last couple days so I have been a little out of touch. Here is the latest news.

I ran my 25k on Saturday July 5th. I finished and I was not last, so my main goals were met. My time was 9 minutes slower then I had paced for myself. I did pretty well for most of the race. I would say I hit the wall at 12.5 miles. The last 3 miles were incredibly brutal I thought. The trail changed from nice wide grass cross country ski trail or gravel service road to some god-awful, 10 inch wide, concave, snowshoe trail, which was hard enough to walk on let alone run on. So I lost a lot of time in there. I had a really hard time the last 3 miles; I just couldn’t get a rhythm going at all, it was a little frustrating but all in all it was a great race. I was very proud of myself for finishing. I ended up being 245 out of 262 people, I know kind of sad, but hey. I got the finishing medal. So that is really all that matters. My time wasn’t the greatest and looking back I could have probably done better, but now if I do it next year I will know what to expect and it will better. I have attached a couple pictures from the race, kind of the before and after.

Other then the big race, not much is going on. Did some biking this weekend as well. On Sunday’s we and a few friends have been meeting at Murphy mountain bike trail and doing a group ride and BBQ. It has been a lot of fun. This past Sunday was a brutal hot day so the riding part was a little warm, but it was fun. And the BBQ was great. Standard BBQ fair, burgers and dogs. But we had a lot of laughs while eating so that is all that matters.

I have taken the week off from running and am thinking about starting up again next week for a couple of nice short runs. I am trying to decide if I want to sign up for a half marathon or not. There is one in late October that I am eyeing and thinking about, but I am not sure.

Melissa and I are trying to decide on a summer camping trip, we were looking at western South Dakota, Eastern Wyoming, but I discovered that the time we are heading out is the week of the Sturgis Harley Rally so that is out. I have been out that way once during the Sturgis bike week and it is a nightmare. So we are thinking of other places to go. Right now we are thinking of Colorado and maybe rocky mountain national park. I am not sure though…

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