Monday, February 11, 2008

Skiing, Moguls, Steeps, then Blizzard

What a great weekend. We were up in Lutsen skiing this weekend. Melissa and I try to get up there every year right before my birthday and this year was no different. Since today is my birthday. Anyway, skiing was interesting to say the least this weekend. We got up to Lutsen Friday night and just hunkered down in the old hotel and hung out watching the boob tube. Got up around 8 on Saturday morning, had breakfast and headed up to the mountain. We got our secret parking place and geared up. It was snowing on and off for most of the day, which was great. We skied all of our favorite runs: Split Rock - Chris's Couloir - and others. We also headed over to Moose Mountain and skied the mile long mogul run Grizzly. It was a blast. The moguls had just opened so they weren't very icy and were really fun. We skied almost all day moving around between mountains and practiced different things in prep for Montana here in a few weeks. Then at about 245 everything went right in the tank. The forecast had called for falling temps through the day, but I had no idea that it was going to happen all at once. The wind started to blow and I mean really hard, like 40mph, they closed a few lifts, the gondola and with the little snow that was still falling it became a blizzard. We called it a day then, but it wasn't easy getting back to the car. But it was an adventure to say the least. Sunday came and we bailed on skiing, due to -60 degree wind chills. No fun to ski in that kind of cold. Oh well, it was a fun weekend anyway.

Like I said today is my birthday, I am 37 today. I don't feel 37 at all. Since I have really started to bike and ski hard I have lost a ton of weight and I feel great. With all of the exercising that Melissa and I have been doing we are able to still have some crappy food once and a while so it has been a fairly easy diet, and I use that term loosely...

I think tonight for my birthday dinner, Melissa and I are going over to CiCi's Pizza. It is a fun place in Eagan, a pizza buffet that has at any given time 12-14 pizza's on the line. And it is cheap. $12 for the both of us. Check it out here: Should be a fun night.

Like I said I am going to try to be better about updating my Blog...

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