Thursday, August 6, 2009


Much to talk about. I am sorry I have been away for so long. I was really trying to be better at updating but apparently I suck. Anyway. Wow, Melissa and I just got back from our vacation to Maui. We were going to go camping in Yellowstone and in Jackson Hole but I found an unbelievable deal to the Ritz Carlton at Kapalua in Maui and it was incredible in every way. We left on Friday July 24th, had a nice flight to Phoenix and then changed planes and flew then on to Maui. We upgraded to first class for the flight and it was awesome. Nice comfy seats and good food and drinks. We landed in Maui at about 230 in the afternoon, got our convertible and headed to the hotel. The drive to the hotel was beautiful right along the ocean. We found our hotel checked in and were incredibly happy with our room. It was an awesome room, with views of the ocean and the golf course. We were both so happy. The environment was so beautiful. We hadn't even been there 3 hours and we were both so happy. We settled in and then headed down to the beach. I really wanted to get into the ocean. Our beach was perfect, long white sand beach, the water was warm and the sun was out. It was great. After the beach we headed back and changed for dinner. We had a club level room so there were 5 included food times during the day which turned out to be really excellent. And we took advantage of all of them. There was a breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, appetisers, and a deesert. Even though they were billed as "light" there was a lot of food and more then enough to make a meal out of. They were all really nice. First day in the books was a complete success.

The rest of the week, went pretty much like this. Get up at about 715ish, go have breakfast, go to the beach, or into town shopping or site seeing, come back to the hotel have lunch, head back out to the pool or more beach time or more site seeing and shopping, maybe have the tea time if around the hotel, or be back by 6 to have the "dinner" then relax maybe go down for a dessert, or just hang out in the room and watch a little TV and then hit the rack by a little after 10. We got up early every day and went to bed pretty early everynight. Hanging out in the sun made us both sleepy, but we got good sleep every night, so we were ready to go each day. I have never stayed in a hotel that was so quiet at night and where I slept so good. It was heavenly.

Some fun extra things we did: We went out on a catamaran and went sailing and snorkeling. Which was great, the boat was awesome as was the snorkeling site. They took us to Honolua Bay which was great. Lots of fish, saw 3 huge sea turtles, and lots of great coral. The reefs there were a little different then the stuff I have seen in the Caribbean. So it was neat to see a different reef system. We ended up going back there for snorkeling again on our own. We also went surfing which was really fun. Both Melissa and I did pretty well. We both got a couple of great rides in, it was great. I can't wait to go again and give it another try. We also did a lot of shopping and looking around at other beaches. Lots and lots of fun.

Hawaii is a great place and we were so gald that we went. It is very expensive. But it is amazing. Life is good there, Maui is so laid back and awesome. Everyone has a surfboard on their car and there aren't really any big cities so everything is pretty local and fun.

Now is back to reality and life is back to the ho-hum pace... I am already starting to think about the next trip. I am hoping Melissa and I can get to Chicago here before fall and also we are thinking about our big ski trip. I think we are headed back to Big Sky in most likely the end of February. I am looking forward to skiing already.

My 20 year high school reunion is a few weeks away. I am looking forward to going to that and seeing everyone. Should be interesting.

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Sounds like fun, I should have snuck into your luggage.