Monday, June 1, 2009


So Vegas turned out to be really dang fun. I haven't been there in ages and could not believe how much has changed. They are still building hotels like crazy and I mean big hotels. They is one that is gigantic and I have no idea what the name of it is. Oh well that just means we will have to get back out there and see it when it is done. They flight out was really nice, I am not a real good flyer but it was quick and very smooth. We left on time and arrived on time, we got our luggage and rental car quickly and made for our hotel. We stayed at Mandalay Bay and it was great. The hotel is beautiful and it smells really good on the inside. We heard they fragrance the air the there. The trip turned out to be all about the relaxing and eating. We hung out at the pool everyday for about 3-4 hours which was really nice. There is a wave pool and a sand beach which was a blast. Melissa and I got some good body surfing in and it just made me want to leave for Hawaii ASAP... I am not sure I am going to make it until July to go... Anyway, after the pool we would head out to In-n-Out burger and have lunch and then hit the strip and shop or just look around. This was Melissa first time eating at In-n-Out and here first lunch looked like this.

She took her first bite, stopped looked at me and said Holy Shit this is really a good burger. I smiled, and we continued to eat in In-n-Out bliss. We ended up eating there 3 more times. It was heavenly.

Vegas is a great spot, there is no where else like it on earth, a city built around, sex, crime and money. Everything is seedy, but so over the top. It is so fun to visit. I don't think I could live there, but man it is a fun place to go.

We did some shopping that was really fun we bought a piece of art which I am so excited about. It is a Thomas Everhart. We love it and can't wait till it show up.

It is beautiful in person and it will look great above our bed. It is 50x20 so it will be just awesome. I am hoping that it arrives this week so we can get it in for framing. Besides the art Melissa bought a couple scarves at Hermes'. Shopping in Vegas is so much fun.

We also went to a Vegas 51's AAA baseball game. The game was pretty good. Vegas pulled it off in the 9th with a great come from behind win. After the game there was a great fireworks display. We sat 6 rows behind home plate, the seats were great and they were cheap, $14 a piece. That is one reason that I love minor league baseball. Nice and cheap and a fun time.

The flight home was a nightmare, it was delayed almost 10 hours... UGH! But once we got in the air it was great, we got home safe and now it is back to reality...

I am hoping we can sneak out of town once more before we head to Hawaii... I would really like to do something I am just not sure what.

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