Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Fun Weekend

This turned out to be a really fun weekend. Saturday I went to the Murphy ride and BBQ and saw a bunch of friends there. It is funny because last summer I stated the ride and BBQ's at Murphy via invite only, now they are huge events with a tent for shade and lots of people. I guess they are fun but they have sort of lost there exclusivity. I sort of feel like my ride has been exploited. But oh well. I am glad to see that I created something that people liked enough to carry on and to bring to everyone. So anyway the ride was fun. I am not a huge fan of that trail, but it was a nice day. After doing the 10 mile loop everyone met back in the lot and got the grills going. There was a ton of food and that ride has become quite the production. I sort of did my own thing and sat by my car and grilled and listened to the Twins game on the radio. It was a fun afternoon. Melissa didn't make it she is fighting a bad cold. I was bummed that she wasn't there. I am hoping she makes the next one.

Saturday night we made a trip to REI. Melissa needed a few things and she found everything she needed, she that turned out to be a successful trip.

Sunday I helped my friend Steve run the committee boat for the Medicine Lake Sailing Club. I have crewed for Steve on his boat which was a blast. But this time I was out with him while he ran the race. It was fun to see that side of it. It was a perfect day out on the water. My head is really sun burnt but it is all good.

Hoping for a good week. We have a Twins game on Wednesday which I am looking forward to. Other then that it should be a nice quiet week..

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