Monday, April 27, 2009


So I am sorry I have been away for a while. Not much is going on really. I have been out riding a few times. Nothing really exciting there at all. Rode over at Lebanon Hills twice. Once with my friend Jodi and a couple other people and once by myself. They were both fine rides, but I am just not in the spirit of riding at all this year, so it really wasn't a very exciting ride. Hopefully that will pass and I will get more in the mood but as of right now I have no desire. I have more desire to go and ride my skateboard which is a little scary but at least it is fun to me. I have been out skating a lot, both around my house and at the local skate parks. It is slowly coming back to me so it is getting fun again. Sure there are going to be a ton of tricks that I could do in my teens that I can't do now but I guess that is to be expected. It is still fun to get out there and give it a go again.

In other news, Melissa and I are going to Las Vegas, I am really excited. We are going for Memorial Day weekend. We are going for 4 nights and are staying at Mandalay Bay. I can't wait to get out there. It has been a long time since I was in Vegas and it is going to be great. We have a few things planned, In N Out burger daily, swimming in the awesome pool that Mandalay has and relaxing. We are also going to go to a Vegas 51's baseball game. We have great flights both there and back so it will rule. YEAH!!!

The Twins are playing pretty good baseball so far this season. I have been to a few games and they have all been really fun. I have been to 3 games they won 2 and lost 1. But both games I have seen them won have been awesome. Come from behind wins late in the game. Those are always the best. People leave early and miss the best baseball. I always laugh to myself.

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