Friday, May 8, 2009

Not to horribly much going on. But let me re-cap. I have been out riding more and my riding chi is coming back. Last night I rode Lebanon which was just a blast. I was on my single speed 29'er which I have a new found love for and it was just a great ride. I ended up riding by myself which was fine. I went at my own pace and did my own thing. Lebanon is in awesome shape. The new obstacles are really fun, I was able to ride the new log ride last night, it was great, so much fun. I am going to ride again on Sunday I think, sounds like the weather is going to be a little shaky the next couple of days. So yeah biking chi is back...

Also Melissa and I are going to Maui. We have a vacation planned for July to the Ritz-Carlton at Kapalua. I can't wait. We were originally going to do Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, but I found a killer deal for Maui so we decided to go while we had the time and the extra cash laying around. We are planning on relaxing on the beach for 8 days. I am going to go surfing, snorkeling, mountain biking, kayaking and I think we are going to get a dive in as well. Should be a blast. I think I might be able to cross at least one or two things off the life to do list as well. Sweet!

No plans for the weekend really, besides maybe riding. I slept terrible last night so I am really tired today. I was going to go to the Twins game tonight but I think I am just going to go home and fire up the grill and listen to it on the radio.

Also I was just thinking Vegas is right around the corner as well. I can't wait to get back there. That is going to be a fun weekend of relaxing, shopping and eating In n Out burger.

Double double please...

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