Monday, November 3, 2008


Well, this turned out to be a great weekend. Halloween was really fun. I hung out for a while outside handing out candy to the kids that came by. We had a quite a few kids which was really fun. Most were polite and they all had great costumes on. It was a fun time. We got to meet some of our neighbors and visit with friends that we have from around the neighborhood. After that Melissa and I got a Little Caesars Pizza and turned on The Shining, we watch that movie every year on Halloween. That movie still gives me the creeps. It is so well done in my opinion.

Saturday we had a fun day as well. We went out to REI to pick up our skis. They were there getting tuned for the up coming season. After REI we went down to the North Face store in Minneapolis. Melissa is looking for a new winter coat. I think after going there she has decided on what she is going to get. But I am unsure. The coat quest continues. Saturday night was the big MORC Murphy night ride. MORC bought a permit to host a night ride at Murphy trail, it turned out to be a great success. There were I guess 72 riders there and the night was perfect. Melissa, my friend Chris and I pretty much all rode together. The weather was perfect so it was just a blast. After the ride we all hung out in the lot and had a couple beers and then a large group of us met at Champps down in Burnsville for some food. It was a really fun night.

Sunday was an normal Sunday. Lots of errands. Grocery's, Walmart, things like that. But the highlight of the night was BLT night. Every once and a while we will do something stupid for dinner. Last night was BLT night, it was pretty fun, and the BLT's were really good. After dinner, we listened to the senate debate on MPR and I finally know whom I am going to vote for, yeah! I was so torn on the senate race but after last night I am solid.

I am looking forward to the election tomorrow. I think it is going to be interesting to have a new president.

Now if it would only snow...

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