Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New President

I am happy with the turn out of the election. Normally I am not really into politics at all, but this year I paid a little more attention. I was glad to see Barack Obama win the race. I voted for him and I truly think he is the better choice for the USA. I think it is time for a fresh voice in Washington. I am really hoping that Obama turns out to be a great president and can bring this country back. I am also glad that it looks like Al Franken is going to not win the senate seat. He really bugs me and I think he would have made a really crappy senator. I liked Coleman better in this case and that is who I voted for. Which I know kind of goes against the Obama deal, but I really always have voted for whom I think is going to do a better job. I really learned a lot this year about politics and I was glad to be involved even from just doing a lot of research on the topics and listening to a lot of radio and debates.

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