Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy 3

Yesterday was Melissa and my 3rd wedding anniversary. We had a great evening. I bought her 3 long stem roses, a card and a 100 weight Mountain Hardware fleece shirt. Nothing says love like fleece, especially Mountain Hardware fleece. I got a very nice Orvis sweater and plaid shirt. We got a pizza from the best pizza place in the Twin Cities, Brianno's: I really have to start taking pictures of food that we enjoy like Princess Kai. She has a great blog that I follow, check it out here: Anyway we enjoyed the pizza with a bottle of 2000 Margaux. We have 6 bottles of 2000 Margauxs. I got lucky and found a few at a local liquor store 2 years ago, and bought them all up. I can't remember the winery, but the bottle was heavenly. 2000 apparently was an excellent year for the Bordeaux region and the wines from that vintage are supposedly rare and expensive. I have a few stashed so we will either be selling them to pay for grocery's if the economy gets much worse or drinking them over the next 10-20 years. Nice! We are getting ready for our weekend away. Sorry for some reason the links wouldn't show up correctly so I just pasted them in.

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