Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Recap.

I had a super fun weekend. It started out great; a small group of us got together on Friday night and rode Lebanon Hills. Jodi, Dan, Chris and I all met at Leb at 6pm. We started riding at about 615 and got done with our lap at about 800pm. Nice Almost 2 hours to ride 7.35 miles. We did not do the expert loop that night. There was just a lot of stopping and talking. It was really fun and we had lots of laughs. After the ride we hung out in the parking lot for a bit, Melissa joined us on her way home from work and we all sat there and had a beer. It was a great time.

Saturday Melissa and I went to Joe’s Sporting Goods and I bought a new pair of skis and Melissa got a new pair of ski boots. I am really looking forward to getting out this year. After mush research and searching I decided on the K2 Apache Xplorers. They are a mid-fat ski that should be perfect for all conditions you can get her in Minnesota. Melissa got a pair of Salomon Idol 8 ski boots. After Joes we met my friend Chris at Surdyk’s Liquor Store in Minneapolis and browsed around, it was the fall wine sale so there were so great tastings and great deals. We bought 3 bottles of Bordeaux.

Sunday, we slept in and then did our normal Sunday errands. Grocery store, Walmart, not to exciting. We did do some clean up around the house and we put some stuff that we are trying to get rid of out on Craig’s List. Hopefully we will get some play on that stuff so we can get rid of it. Then Sunday night I met my friend Dan over at Lebanon for a night lap. It was great. Perfect night, trail was in great shape and we saw about 8 or so deer.

This should be a good week. I am out of the office at training on Tuesday and taking a vacation day on Friday. Tuesday is also Melissa and my 3rd Anniversary, which will be fun. Then this coming weekend we are spending the weekend at South Pier Inn up in Duluth.

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