Monday, May 18, 2009


The weekend was really fun. Saturday I helped a friend move which is the nightmare of being a friend, helping a friend move. But it turned out to be the easiest move in the history of moving. He had packed all of his stuff into a pod and had the pod shipped to his new house, so basically we unloaded the pod. There were 5 people total and I think it took, 40 minutes tops. It was sweet. It was also great because I got to see my friends brother whom I haven't seen for a while, so Scott and I had some great laughs while working. After the quick move I went home and sat in the garage and listened to the Twins game on the radio and had lunch. I have this strange new obsession with sitting in my garage and listening to baseball games on the radio. It is a little odd. But it was a fun time.

Saturday night Melissa and I tired a new restaurant that is right down the street from us. Ramy's, it is a pizzeria/Mediterranean food place and it is awesome in every way. The food is fantastic. I had a gyro, and Melissa and Chicken kabobs, rice and a Greek salad. We took home a piece of Tiramisu which was a huge piece for $2.50 and it was just awesome. The guys whom own the place are super cool and it was really dang good. We went back last night to try their pizza. Had a Margherita Pizza which was also just excellent... I highly recommend this place.

Sunday we did our first ride and BBQ of the season at Murphy. The ride was fun. Melissa and I were both riding our single speeds, so we just puttered a long and enjoyed being outside on the trail. After we all gathered around and grilled lunch and hung out and enjoyed the sun. It was a great day.

I am hoping this week goes by fast, Melissa and I are leaving for Las Vegas this weekend and I can't wait. I haven't been there in so long, I am excited to go... In-N-Out burger. Yummy.

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