Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A work story:

Here is why working at the state can be so fucking stupid. Bear with me as I set this up.

On every floor in my building there are 2 kitchen areas with tables and chairs to eat lunch or have a quick meeting. In these areas besides the tables there are a couple of microwaves, vending machines and supplies, forks, spoons, napkins things like that. These areas are called community areas. The other day I went to heat up my lunch in the kitchen area that is closest to my cube. When I arrived I found both microwaves free and 2 people in there talking. One is an IT gal and the other a receptionist gal. I proceeded to throw my meal in the wave and get it cooking. I walked over to the cabinet to grab a plastic fork out of the box of 5000 forks in the cabinet and this conversion ensued:

Receptionist Gal: Eric you can’t have a fork.

Eric: I’m sorry what?

Receptionist Gal: Those forks or for ITS only.

Eric: I’m in ITS

Receptionist Gal: No you are in SSIS ITS and those supplies come out of a different budget then yours.

Eric: Are you serious I can't have one? And we have a budget for forks?!?

(at this point the other IT gal, looked down in utter embarrassment )

Receptionist Gal: Yes, those kitchen supplies come out of our budget. But you can have one this time, but just remember for next time.

(at this point I was in such shock that I wasn’t even sure what to say and kept waiting for a Sheldon “Bazinga!”, but sadly no such luck)

Eric: No that’s ok; I will just eat my stir fry with my hands.

Receptionist Gal: (silence)

I put the fork back in the box and wandered back to the microwave and finished heated my meal which had a few more minutes left on it. The 2 ladies continued to talk for another minute and then walked out of the kitchen area. 20 seconds later the IT gal came back, went in the cabinet, grabbed something and walked over to me. She held up a fork and gave it to me. And said, “Here this is my gift to you since I work in ITS.” Rolled her eyes, laughed and walked back to her desk. I said thanks, smiled and went back to my desk to eat.

This just shows how stupid and ridiculous some of the “rules” here at the state are. The budget thing here is so stupid that they make sure apparently that only certain people are allowed to use kitchen supplies in certain areas of the floor. I walked over to the other kitchen and discovered that apparently I am supposed to use supplies from that side. *sigh*


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