Monday, August 30, 2010

Short Week

I have a nice short week of work this week. Then Melissa and I are heading out to Spearfish South Dakota for a few days of fun and the Dakota 50 mountain bike race/tour. We are looking forward to the ride. It is techincally a race but we are just going to ride it and enjoy the scenery, I love that area of South Dakota so am I looking forward to going. I think the ride will be challenging but I think it will be a great ride. The ride is Sunday the 5th and we will be out the Thursday so we have a few extra days to hang out, which will be nice. I am hoping to go out to Devils Tower in Wyoming for the day to do some hiking. I love Devils Tower it is so cool. But right now all of the extra day plans are still be worked out. I know for sure that it will be fun. So much to do before we go. The next few days will be busy.


Young Adventures... said...

We vacationed in SD with the whole clan this year. We had a great time. The scenery was so different than what I expected. Have a wonderful time!

Eric said...

I have been going out to the Black Hills area of SD since I think I was 8. I love it out there and am looking forward to heading back.