Friday, August 27, 2010

Finally Not Last

So last night was another Thursday night race at good old Wayzata Yacht Club. The only difference was a shortened course with the move of the race into Wayzata Bay from the main lake. The wind was blowing well and the crew was ready. It was looking to be a great night. We had a great start and sailed a pretty good first leg. It is crazy when you get 100+ boats into a relatively small area, when the wind is blowing it turns out to be pretty exciting. Last night provide to be that. We rounded the turn and made our way downwind with a good spinnaker set. We sailed excellent legs for the entire race, truly making only one mistake, which sadly cost the 8th place finish in our class. It is the little victories that matter. Last night was the first time we haven’t finished last; it was a big deal to us. We truly worked as a team last night which was really fun. There are a couple people on the boat that are newer to sailing and as the summer has gone on we have been getting better and better. Last night really seemed to be a turning point. Everyone did their jobs and it was great. It is really fun when the team flows. It was fun last night. Next race is Saturday and that is going to be a fun one as well; it is a mixed club race. Wazata Yacht Club will be racing with the Minnetonka Yacht Club which could be interesting because the MYC is mostly scows, and scows are really fast. It will be fun to watch the sail. It is supposed to be windy on Saturday so it is going to be interesting.

First week of class is done and so far so good. I wrote 2 short papers already and have done a little reading. My Human A&P class starts in a few weeks. So I am looking forward to that.

We are trying to decide if we are going to go to the fair this weekend. Sunday is the only day that we can go. Melissa and I are headed out of town next weekend so Sunday will be our only option for the fair. I doubt we will go, but you never know. Melissa hates the fair and I mostly still like it so it is always a little bit of a struggle. I want to go she doesn’t really care about it. So we will see…

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