Thursday, January 21, 2010

Skiing and Re-do's

So I finally made it out skiing. Yes! And I still liked and was able to do it! I always get a little worried when I go to ski for the first time of the season that I will forget how or something stupid like that. But alas I did not and it was fun. We went down to Welch Village and everything was in good shape and the snow was pretty good, so it was pretty fun. Just made me want to get out to Big Sky right then and there but I have to wait 29 more days. I think I can make it.

Melissa and I are going to try for Lutsen again this weekend. We are going to leave tomorrow and head up. We plan on skiing all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday before heading back. We are staying at our favorite little hotel up there, the Cliff Dweller and we are both really looking forward to getting away for the weekend.

I have been in a real blah mood lately and I am not real sure why. It is kind of frustrating though. I think maybe it has to do with the fact that I haven't been out skiing much yet and that winter is almost over and it doesn't seem like I really have done anything. Christmas came and went and was kind of a non-event this year which made me kind of sad. I like Christmas a lot and this year didn't seem very Christmas-ie at all... I am hoping my funk will leave soon.

I am hoping for a week of fresh powder in Montana, I hear that clears all sorts of said funks. I am hoping so, but if nothing else the Tram ride to Liberty Bowl will be a good diversion...

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