Thursday, December 31, 2009

Skiing finally

Well the first ski trip is on the radar. We are headed to Lutsen next weekend. I can't wait. This winter has been odd so far. But it looks like the conditions are finally good and it is time to go. I have been waiting for Lutsen to be 100% open at least on their primary runs which they now are and it looks like they have great coverage so we are going to go it a go.

The holidays are pretty much over. We don't do anything exciting for New Years so that doesn't really count for us except for the not having to work part which rules. I think tonight we are going to get a pizza and watch the Wild game. Melissa has discovered a new found love for hockey, which is awesome. She likes to watch on TV and go to the games in person so Win - Win...

I am kind of bummed that Christmas is over though. I like Christmas a lot. And it always makes me sad when it is over. *sigh*

50 days till our ski trip to Big Sky!!! Sweet!

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Anonymous said...

So, are you going to write about your adventures this past weekend? :-)