Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So I think my mountaineering goals are unfortunately starting to dim. I have been researching and looking into different options. I have found a couple and they seem good. A couple in Washington that do their training in and around Mount Baker or Mount Rainier, and one up in Alaska, all have excellent programs but the problem is gear. I have a lot of stuff but of course the things that I do not have are the most expensive things. Boots, a 4 season tent, a expedition grade down sleeping bag, a down parka and other odds and ends. All totaled the gear is in the neighborhood of $2500 or so dollars. Plus $2100 for the class and $400 for the airline ticket. I can swing it but I just don't think I should. It is not fair for me to spend our money so foolishly. So I am headed back to the drawing board a little bit and see if I can come up with anything.

In other news Melissa and I are headed to Lutsen for the long weekend. I am really looking forward to it. We haven't been up there since ski season so I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

I am also going to join the gym where Melissa works out some time this late fall. I am going to start training for the mountains for both skiing and just in case climbing. So that should be fun. I have a found a great training schedule for Denali so that is what I think I am going to stick to at the gym.

Life is good. Just wish I had more free time.

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