Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Once again

Well once again I have been reminded that my timing sucks. A few things this week have reminded me of that, one and probably the most important one at this point in life is the fact that 36 hours after I leave Lutsen they get about a foot of fresh snow. UGH! Just once I would like to be there when Lutsen has a real powder day. The skiing on Sunday was so bad, that knowing that I missed the fresh snow is like twisting the knife, covered in salt, wrapped in a rag soaked in rubbing alcohol in an open wound about 3 inches deep. But such is life. Well I guess there is nothing I can do. Mean while just to add to the torture of Eric, the resorts out west are getting hammered with late winter powder. Remind me again why I live here? Oh ah because I have to be a responsible adult and work full time. That's right. (sucks)

I am still about 90% sure I am going to tryout for the Welch Village ski patrol for next season. The tryouts are this coming Saturday and I am pretty sure I am going to go and check it out.

I am headed back to school... Yeah! I have been taking classes here and there trying to finish some kind of a degree the past few years and I am going to try to get more serious about it. I am going to take 2 summer classes and then possibly 2 fall classes. The fall classes depend on whether or not I make the ski patrol, if I do then I will only take 1 class because the patrol training is a fairly big time commitment. Stay tuned for more on that. But I have the classes mapped out and I am ready to register.

I have been having a great time catching up with old friends on facebook. That is a really fun website. It seems to me that more people my age are using it now which is very cool. A lot of my old high school first are out there so that is fun.

More later.

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