Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back for now.

So let’s face it basically I suck at keeping up with my blog. It is not that I don’t have anything to say because I do have a lot to say and it is mostly important stuff as well, at least it is in my own mind. Anyway, life is good. I have 6 weeks left of school and let me be honest it cannot end soon enough. I am just so ready to be done with classes. I want to read my own books and not have to bring a laptop on vacation in order to log into classes. I have been at this a long time, too long in fact. But it is still something that I am very proud of even though with how long it has taken, I could have went to medical school, finished a surgical residency and gotten at least one but maybe two PHDs. But none the less it was a goal of mine and it will come true on December 14th when I graduate. Awesome, I can’t wait.

It has been a busy past few months. Melissa and I have done a lot of traveling this year; we just got back from our second trip to DC which turned out to be a whole lot of fun. We saw some things we didn’t see on our first trip out there in May so it was great to do that and we saw something’s again that we both really loved. I made a little memorial to my dad that had a couple of photos of him on it and some information about his service during WWII, I printed it out in color and laminated it and placed it on the Minnesota pillar in the Atlantic theater half of the World War II Memorial. It made me feel great inside to do that. After I place the page on the granite I stepped back and remembered him and watched as a few people walked by and bent over to read the page about him. I was glad to see people do that, they got to learn a little bit about a great man that was very proud of the service that he gave to his country. It was a neat experience. I was happy to have been able to do that for him.

Baseball season is over and it was a crappy year for the Twins. They lost 99 games and really had a bad year. It was really a bummer. Even though we had a great time at the ball yard it is always hard to watch the team that you really like do so poorly. Oh well, we are hoping for better things from them next season.

I bought a record player about a month ago. Yes records! Vinyl records, you know those things that kids born before 1980 listened to music on. Sad to think some kids have never heard the pops and hisses from a record. I have always wanted to get back into vinyl and the opportunity came when a co-worker of mine asked where she could sell a bunch of old records. I told her about Cheapo over in St Paul, but asked if I could have a look at them first and see if there was anything I might be interested in. She brought her collection in a few days later and I had a look and took all of them. Great old stuff, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and other great stuff. It was awesome, just like that I was back and had the start to a very nice vinyl collection. Since then I have been trolling the bins at Half Price Books and at Cheapo Records in St Paul and am putting together some great music. I have always been a huge music buff so this has almost been a religious experience for me. I bought a middle of the road turntable after shopping around. I didn’t want to drop a grand right off the bat for one until I knew that everything was going to be ok and that I was going to enjoy it. Anyway I seriously looked around a found one that was in a good price range and got excellent reviews and made the jump. It is awesome, the sound is pure and amazing and I am trying to figure out how I am going to swing an upgrade in a year or so. It is amazing to me that the market for vinyl is as big as it is. I am glad to know there are others out there that want the pure sound vinyl gives.

Back soon.

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