Friday, March 26, 2010

NCAA Hockey

I am at the western division 1 hockey finals at the Xcel Energy Center. I bought these tickets a long time ago. There are 2 games tonight, and I am hoping they are good. I really don't care who wins. I am just interested in watching some good college hockey. First game is St. Cloud State vs. Northern Michigan. The second game is Vermont vs. Wisconsin. I guess they should both be pretty good. I am guessing.

Baseball season is now a week away and I am really excited. Melissa and I went on a tour of Target Field last weekend and let me say the place is perfect, they did an excellent job on it. We sat in our seats and we have a great view and I am really happy with my choice. I can't wait for the season to start... I am hoping for a good Twins season, at least I hope they do good. It would be nice if they would make a run for the World Series. Time will tell I guess on that.

Spring is here, I am looking forward to getting out my bike, so I am hoping the trails dry fast.

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